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artist statement

Artist Statement


‘’Physical spontaneity of working with all water-based media is why I am an artist!  I paint big, loose structural elements in under paintings - shaped with a series of washes.  I populate my art with music, nature abstractions and people. My work reaches out and touches emotions and captures precise moments of time and space.  I draw and compose to celebrate Life – full of pure joy - seeing and feeling all the beauty that surrounds us.  Expression in an abstract and semi-abstract way because color, shape, texture, and design are my loves.’’


Louise Lachance Legault’s work is oriented towards graphic abstraction, around the trace and the gesture. Freeing oneself from the superfluous, developing an intuitive work leading us to the very essence of the layout and its power of fascination.

Abstract art wants to show an “abstract image”, a non-figurative image, which does not come from reality (which is the opposite to the very definition of the image), an image which only exists by itself and for its sole presence, a contingent image which is self-sufficient, draws from itself the resources necessary for its own existence. Creation passes through a liberation of consciousness, a rupture of associations of integrated ideas, resulting in works often devoid of primary meaning, of rare and vibrant force and emotion.

Louise invites her viewer to escape from reality, to consider things through the prism of the absolute, of lyrical abstraction, of essence and of absence, to take another look at the world, where everything is peculiar to the astonishment and perpetual wonder of the astonished consciousness. "Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes visible". Paul Klee

“I paint, I experiment, I search for things, I work hard, I love it and I do it all with passion.”

Louise Lachance Legault was born in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, starting very early in drawing and painting.   After securing a diploma in Interior Design, she attended Concordia University of Montreal - graduating with distinction in Fine Arts: majoring in painting and printmaking. Louise has taken countless workshops in Watermedia, Mixed-media, Watercolour, Printmaking, and Monotype in Canada and the United States - all of which influence her art practice. Louise has lived in Creativity for over 60 years. She has conducted many workshops in North America. Music is a great influence: she plays the piano and listens to many forms of music, especially opera.  


Passion, exuberance, and experimentalism resonate in Louise Lachance’s Art. Art is passion - she lives this passion intensely. 


Louise was the founder of the Petit Canal Workshop in Lachine, co-founder and responsible for 22 years of Arts’Mana, creator of an International Artist’s retreat workshop at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, in Florida, for 10 years. She also gave numerous conferences, workshops and demos and was judge for many exhibitions.


Louise Lachance is a member of Le Regroupement des Artistes en Arts Visuels du Québec, RAVVQ, Arts'mana, MUSO, in Canada,  and Associate member of the National Watercooler Society, North West Watercolor Association, and International Society of Experimental Artists, and many others in America.  


Louise has participated in many solo, group exhibitions, juried shows in Canada, Europe and USA and received honorable mentions and awards. Her paintings can be seen at Gallery Richelieu, Saint-Denis Street in Montreal, St. Anicet City Hall and Library. Her works are included in collections in Canada, USA, Mexico, and Europe.  


Louise lives in St. Anicet, Quebec, Canada, by Lake St. François, with her husband Marcel Legault, and she is the mother of three sons, Jean Marc, Jean François, Laurent and grandmother of Gabrielle, Maxime, Vincent, Philippe, Sophie, Catherine, Laurence, Rachel and Florence. 


March 2022